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Don't know what electorate you are in?

Go to the Electoral Commission Queensland's 'find my electorate webpage - click HERE - then enter your address into the 'search by location' field. Make sure you turn off the blue button (previous boundary) and turn on the red button (final boundary) to show which current electorate you reside in.



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How to vote ... when to vote ... where to vote

At this election (November 25), you’ll be asked to number every box on the ballot paper – this is called ‘full preferential voting’.


You number each candidate in order of who you prefer to win, from your top pick (number one) to your last pick (number four if you're in the Caloundra electorate; number 5 if you're in the Glass House electorate).


There will be instructions at the polling booth and on the ballot paper itself. Make sure you read them and understand what you have to do. If you have any questions, you can always just ask one of the Electoral Commission Queensland staff inside the polling station.


If a ballot paper is not completed correctly it is called an informal vote. An informal vote is unable to be counted and does not contribute towards determining the election result.


Some reasons a ballot paper is informal are because: it is blank or unmarked; ticks or crosses have been used when numbering in order of preferences is required; the required number of boxes have not been marked; or it has writing on it which identifies the elector.


And don’t write comments on the ballot paper. You might think them witty, poignant or cutting, but no one really cares. The vote counters just count the votes, they don’t take notice of the comments and they aren’t seen by anyone who you might be directing the comments at.


There are three main ways you can vote.

Pre-poll voting is where you cast your ballot before the election day at one of the pre-polling stations. Locally these are at Shop 3, 15 Maple Street, Maleny (for Glass House electorate only); 68 Peachester Road, Beerwah (both Glass House and Caloundra electorates); and 37 Bowman Road, Caloundra (for
Caloundra electorate only).
They are all open November 13 – 17 and November 20-23 from 9am-5pm, and November 24 9am-6pm.


Postal voting is where you apply to the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) and are send a voting ballot which you fill out and post back to them.
This can be organised via the ECQ website www.ecq.qld.gov.au or by calling them on 1300 881 665.


Or you can turn up at any of the polling booths on November 25 - election day – and fill out the ballot paper there. Polling booths are open from 8am and close at 6pm.


To see the polling booth locations in click HERE.

This way of voting lets you also maybe buy a sausage sandwich from a P&C or a cake from the CWA stall ... not a bad day allround.


To ensure that all electors have an equal opportunity to vote and are not disadvantaged because of personal circumstance, disability or language, the ECQ can help. Just call them on 1300 881 665.


To read about what's happening around the rest of the State during the election ... you can't go past the ABC website and their comprehensive coverage




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