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I am a long serving high school teacher, including nine years in Caloundra, environmentalist and social justice activist who ran for The Greens in the 2017 state election in the seat of Buderim.

I want the people of Fisher to know that The Greens are here and we are strong. No one wants to continue down this crooked road that the LNP has led people on. This government doesn’t listen and is completely out of touch with people and the planet.
I was born in Wide Bay and moved to the Sunshine Coast 11 years ago after living in Melbourne and Sydney where I completed tertiary qualifications in communications and education.
Living in Palmwoods with my family, I currently work in the private education sector, am a member of the Queensland Independent Education Union and produce my own educational podcast.
Education plays a vital role in providing our younger generation with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt and prosper in this ever-changing world. We believe that all kids should have access to a well-funded early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education. And The Greens have the policies to do this.

I am an active participant in environmental projects and I believe that the Sunshine Coast needs to be preserved and protected.

We will protect the Sunshine Coast from further habitat loss due to over-development and weak environmental laws. I love our coast and hinterland – I want to protect and preserve it now and into the future. This is a priority for The Greens.

I am also a strong advocate for the rights of women to live safely and equally in society.

Through our free childcare policy, women can return to work sooner and our early childhood educators will receive the recognition they deserve.

The Queensland Greens remain committed to the sustainable transition to renewable energy, stopping large corporate donations, providing greater rights for renters and a home for all.

People are finding it so difficult to find a place to rent or an affordable place to buy here on the coast. We need to fix this, and we can with the right will and the right priorities.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 08/05/2019 -

I got into politics because we need a strong, progressive voice on the Sunshine Coast who will fight for fairness and equality, social justice and our environment.

My plan will provide free TAFE and university, dental care into Medicare, affordable housing for all, free childcare, gender equality and a serious commitment to tackle climate change.
We need more honesty and integrity in politics, which is why I support the creation of an anti-corruption commission and the banning of donations from corporations trying to buy influence.
We need a representative who will stand up for our community’s interest, not the interests of big corporations.
The most important issue in this election is the environment. We are facing the destruction of our natural environment, habitat, beaches and tourism industry due to climate change, pollution and over-development.
We need strong environmental laws that will protect and preserve our natural habitat, forests, natural reserves and threatened species, clean up our beaches and oceans and save our marine life, create more Indigenous ranger jobs and restore the funding that has been slashed by the government to protect our environment.
We need to stop over-development, give the community more say in the planning decisions that affect all of us and create a future that is ecologically sustainable.
We also need to take strong action on climate change to address the drought, bushfires, rising sea levels and coastal erosion that is threatening not only our environment and community but our vital tourism industry. Our plan calls for a transition away from coal and big polluters to renewables, which will create thousands of clean energy jobs for our community and bring down our power bills.
The Greens are the only party in this election with a serious plan to tackle climate change. We need to stop the damage being done to our climate and hand over a better, safer future for generations to come.

"With a dire lack of local infrastructure and real employment, and locals suffering cost of living stresses, how could voters really think that voting for the Greens will improve the road and rail networks, grow the construction industry and provide business confidence to improve the standard of living for locals?"
(from GC&M News, 08/05/2019 -

The Greens’ policies are committed to building a fairer, more equitable society with an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.
We have a plan to educate, up-skill and protect people as our industries change. That means developing strategies to plan for the future of work to overcome the threat of insecure work, casualisation and automation, protect workers’ rights and entitlements, close the gender pay gap, and support small business and the industries of the future.
Our plan to transition away from the big polluting industries like coal and invest in renewables will create thousands of new jobs in the clean energy industry to address the job shortage in our community, tackle the threat of climate change and protect our local environment and thriving tourism industry. Our bold plans will transform the way we transport people and goods by kickstarting the electric vehicle revolution and building the necessary electric infrastructure to re-power our economy, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and provide clean and affordable transportation.
We will also make the necessary investments to build a cheaper, faster and more reliable public transport system to service the needs of our community, ease traffic congestion and ensure that everyone has access to affordable transportation options.
Our plans will also help ordinary people with their cost of living pressures by creating a national energy retailer to stop price gouging and bring down energy costs, provide free TAFE and university to give people the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the changing economy without being saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, and put dental care into Medicare to save people money when they go see a dentist.
We will ensure that public schools and hospitals are fully funded and invest in public housing and essential services such as childcare and the NDIS. We can do all of this by making the wealthy pay their fair share in tax, ending corporate subsidies and banning corporate donations so that our representatives work for the community and not their donors.

"What is it about you, what you offer and what you stand for that makes you the best election choice for locals living in the hinterland?"

(from GC&M News, 15/05/2019 -

I have lived in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for over 10 years and feel that our natural ecosystems and fertile farming land deserve better management and protection by parliamentarians who truly care about mitigating the effects of climate change.
The Greens have a comprehensive plan to transform Australia’s energy system to a clean, smart, renewable economy.
To protect and restore the hinterland, The Greens plan to establish an introduced species inventory and implement better management plans to control invasive species. We will reinstate the National Bushfire Mitigation Program, providing additional funding.
The Greens will restore the Liberal/National Party’s cuts to Landcare and invest $200 million into the National Reserve System Program. The number of jobs for Indigenous rangers will be increased to 5,000 by 2025 and we will invest an additional $20 million a year into the Indigenous Protected Areas network, ensuring a network is established on the Sunshine Coast for the first time.
Landowners can apply for grants of up to $25,000 for conservation actions related to their conservation covenant management plan and The Greens will put a stop to the practice of coal seam gas fracking. Critically, The Greens will develop recovery plans for every known threatened species including the koala, grey-headed flying fox, black-throated finch and Mary River turtle, by investing in the Department of the Environment and Energy to do the work of improving the quality of these recovery plans.
The hinterland is the home of many wonderful artists and artisans. The Greens plan to support a creative and innovative Australia by helping to grow the arts sector by investing in local content production and reinstating funding to the independent Australia Council for the Arts, providing security and confidence to the sector. We also intend to continue to protect the ABC and SBS and keep them fully funded and independent.
It has been a pleasure to stand for The Greens in the seat of Fisher for this federal election. I feel positive about the opportunity for change and will continue to advocate for the protection and restoration of the hinterland, the Sunshine Coast and our nation, now and into the future.


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(Glasshouse Country & Maleny News, May 8 2019, page 18)

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