58-unit apartment complex set for Beerwah

A DEVELOPER is proposing to build a five-story apartment complex just metres from Beerwah train station on a block of land that had previously been approved for as a residential aged care facility.

Altum Property Group lodged plans with the Sunshine Coast Council this week for a material change of use to the site at 43 and 45 Beerwah Parade, Beerwah, which includes three towers and sits directly opposite the train station.

The 58 apartments will consist of 57 two-bedroom units and one three-bedroom unit in what has been described in the DA as a transit-oriented development format.

In September 2020 the site was approved for a five-storey aged care residential facility with nearly 100 beds and a retail shop.

According to this new submission the five-storey development will consist of a partial basement, car park and four storeys of multiple dwelling units above ground.

“The proposed development consists of three separate towers to minimise bulk and massing when viewed from adjoining streets,” the DA states.

The application anticipates Beerwah’s evolution from low density residential and low impact industrial/warehouse to mid-rise high density residential and local centre uses.

The proposed development states that it provides “important affordable housing choices to support Beerwah’s role as a major activity centre”.

“The proposal represents a high quality, contemporary residential development in an area transitioning from low to high density residential development.”

“The development is considered to be sympathetic to the existing local character and provides  a positive contribution to the existing streetscape through generous landscape treatments.”

The development uses Glass House Mountains motifs, with the developer said reflects Beerwah’s “sense of place, diverse character” and will provide additional “visual interest”.