95-year-old rescued after days trapped under tractor

A 95-year-old man was trapped for several days outside his bogged tractor in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland before a worried neighbour came to his rescue.

The man was driving the tractor on his Carters Ridge property, north of Belli Park, when the vehicle became bogged.

Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson Shaun Bright said the man tried to exit the vehicle before suffering a medical episode.

“The tractor was bogged quite severely and it appears the gentleman has tried to step off the tractor and had some sort of medical episode, which has left him out in the weather for several days,” Mr Bright said.

The man was suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and cuts and abrasions when paramedics found him. He was transported to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Mr Bright added the man was “in an altered conscious state when we got to him and covered head to toe in mud and water”.

“It was pretty distressing for our crews to see,” he said.

Mr Bright said the neighbour went to check on the man after he had not heard from him for a couple of days.