A sensational senior!

By Sonia Isaacs Clark

GLENDA Wright of Beerwah recently contacted GC&M News to let us know that her remarkable neighbour Bonny Breitkreutz, who was about to turn 90, not only still lives in her own home but also cares full time for her almost 92-year-old husband Trevor.

Glenda said Bonny was an inspiration to those around her and deserved to have a mention as a sensational senior who was still a powerhouse of energy even in her ninth decade.

We spoke with Bonny who confirmed that, yes, she was indeed turning 90 on August 31 but true to her sprightly nature she had been too flat out running around doing her chores to put too much thought into her milestone birthday.

Bonny’s two daughters Ann and Margaret were tasked with organising a special birthday lunch to help celebrate Bonny’s big day.

Bonny (whose real name is Heather but who has been known as Bonny since childhood) said she and her husband Trevor have been married for 67 years and had lived around the Beerwah and Peachester area for the past 27 years since moving from Goomeri in the South Burnett region.

The couple have five children – Gregory, Peter, Ann, David and Margaret – six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bonny said Trevor was also very active with cricket and golf before his health declined.

Bonny spent her working life in the catering industry, working in cafes and pubs since she was 13. For the past 20 or so years she has been involved with the local Glasshouse Country Senior Citizens Club where she helps run the kitchen.

“I’ve always enjoyed the company of people and catering meant throughout my life I was always talking with people – which I love,” Bonny said.

“I spent over 50 years working around Goomeri with all the girls I grew up with, and did the catering for their weddings, are now all grandmothers and great grandmothers.

“Nowadays I’m still chatting with people. I manage the kitchen with the seniors club and I’m fortunate to also have friends and family all around Queensland that I regularly stay in touch with.”

Bonny is pleased that, to date, she does not have to rely on a walker or walking stick to get around and is proud that she is active and still on her feet.

She has previously battled breast cancer. However, the illness meant the couple thought it best to downsize from their acreage property along the Peachester range and move to Beerwah in 2003.

Bonny still does everything around her home including gardening, weeding, trimming trees, shopping, cooking and cleaning, which keeps her fit.

She said maintaining her garden makes her happy and keeps her active. With all her household chores, care commitments and social engagements, she often finds herself busy from morning to night.

“I still enjoy catching up with friends and family and still do all my shopping locally at Beerwah, which is wonderful. I stay fit doing my household chores and tending to my garden which has flowers all over it, which also beings me joy,” Bonny said.

Bonny’s family organised lunch at the Beerwah Hotel on Saturday, August 28 with 60 guests from around the state invited to mark her 90th birthday.

Important guests on the day included Colin Cook, Bonny’s brother and Marj Woolacoot, Trevor’s sister who made up Bonny and Trevor’s wedding party back on April 24, 1954.

Between Bonny and Trevor they had 15 siblings and Colin and Marj are their only two surviving siblings which made their attendance rather special.

Main image: Colin Cook, Bonny, Marj Woolacott and Trevor (seated)