Agribusiness meetup

SINCE Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce kicked off its local agribusiness initiative less than 12 months ago, it has already hosted five workshop events for local chamber members and industry representatives from across the region.

The latest event was hosted by Jade King at Green Valley Fingerlimes in Beerwah, with Sunshine Coast Council CEO Emma Thomas the special guest speaker on the day.

Emma, council’s manager for economic development Andy Eves-Brown and local councillor Rick Baberowski led a panel discussion on the future of agritourism in Glasshouse Country, a biosphere submission and other great topics.

Another highlight of the morning was the lush morning tea sponsored by Glasshouse Plantation and wonderful cold-press vanilla coffee produced by Vanilla Vine.

Chamber president Jenny Broderick said it was a great event and that she had been pleased with the outcomes from these regular agribusiness meetings, the informal partnerships that had formed between members and the shared vision being created among the group members.

If you would like to be involved in the agribusiness meetups, contact the chamber through its website