An Ode to the Glasshouse

By Patty Beecham ©

There’s movement at the Glasshouse,
as Lea has left the town,
the printing press falls silent,
the people wear a frown,
but wait!  Who this?
A dashing Mitch, you say?
The new owner of our paper,
give a cheer, hurray!

Once again,
we can flip and flap,
the community news,
full of chat,
and photos and advertising
just for you and me,
(those businesses need us,
and we need them, you see).

There’s all the news that’s fit to print,
and columns of type
and pages of ink,
as words and sentences fly around
the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Oh we love our towns,
that cherish our Loved Ones, 
and neighbours so dear,
giving a home to us all,
far and near.

A place to breathe fresh mountain air,
now voted Australia’s best!
There’s plenty to share.
Natural forests to explore
Take your camera for an adventure
and so much more.

The great outdoor lifestyle,
The villages, the mountains,
Encourage us to snuggle in, and stay a while.
Those starry skies and Instagram views,
All captured with our informative paper news.

Welcome Mitch, now on ya bike!
Get cracking with the next edition,
for locals and tourists, alike.