Approaching loss and grief workshop

LEIGH Donovan, a consultant in thanatology – the discipline that studies death, grief and loss – is collaborating with Maleny-based group Tying Up Loose Ends (TULE) to deliver a workshop on Sunday, October 31 from 10am–2pm at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.

Community members are invited to attend the workshop, which aims to provide a place of deep reflection sitting in community to gently explore ways of approaching loss and grief.

Questions on the day might include:
How to live life in a way that means preparing for our own death, whenever that may be, and how life might look different if we chose this path?
How conversations around our own mortality can become enablers when tending to our own grief and that of others?
How can we gain confidence in leaning into our own grief and into the grief of those around us?
How can we build a community where no one feels socially disenfranchised in their grief?

The workshop is for those grieving the loss of someone or something deeply meaningful to them and seeking a place of solace, or those seeking a conversation on how to meaningfully walk alongside someone close in their grief.
The cost is $50, with morning tea provided, Bring your own lunch.

For more details phone 0409 470 822. To book go to