Barung Landcare car winner

By Kirra Livingstone

YVONNE O’Brien is Barung Landcare’s first electric car raffle winner, with funds raised to go towards developing its environmental projects.
Although the organisation did not make a profit from its first raffle, General Manager, Doug Evans, said it was a great learning experience and were happy to break even. Next year, Doug plans to announce the electric car winner at the 2025 Wood Expo. The winner of the red electric MG car, Yvonne, picked up her new sweet ride on May 7, and said she has never won anything like this before.
“At first I thought it was a scam, so I called the Barung Landcare landline,” she said.
“When they confirmed it was me that won the new electric car, I was so excited.
“I’ve won meat trays before but that doesn’t count.”
The car is worth $50,000, and the MG Caloundra dealership gave Barung Landcare a reasonable price for the raffle prize.