Battling timeframes and mainframes

By Crank the Croc

I WOULD support women’s sport a lot more if it was on at a more humane, or crocmane, time.
Surely I wasn’t the only one neck deep in the aural swamp of The Voice wondering where the hell the Matildas were last Monday.
Slow on the uptake, I’d Clockwork Orange’d my way through something horrendous called ‘The Blinds’ – where only viewers can see the karaoke performers – before the shocking realisation that kick-off wasn’t at 8pm.
No, it would not be until 8.30pm. And on a Monday? No chance. I was in a deep slumber before the Matildas nutmegged their way to a 1-0 lead.
Thankfully FIFA got my email and Wednesday’s kickoff is 8pm.
What happens in Vegas…
Still on sport and what the NRL is doing bothering with a few games of league in Vegas next year is beyond me. The headlines suggest Rusty Crowe, Mike Cannon Brooks, Hugh Jackman and ‘social media’ will play a part in getting Americans on board with league. Sure. Then in the same article Rusty says he hasn’t even been contacted by the NRL. He might even be too busy to go to a game due to filming commitments.
If it looks like a waste of time and sounds like a waste of time, it probably is.
Time to bin AI
I’d read somewhere that AI was going to become sentient in seven to 28 years. I’m still not convinced technology to date is making life any better, letalone the benefits of bringing a sentient mainframe to the kitchen table so to speak. Maybe it’s the images and concepts from 1984 still seared in my mind. AI as of today though is a piece of crap. Asked to create an image of a typical Maleny resident, it came up with an Akubra-wearing, bearded dairy farmer. Sad. At least a truly sentient machine might feel bad about being so cliched.