Beerwah Masters swim star wins masters athlete of the year

By Kirra Livingstone

LENE Knudsen has been smashing records over the years swimming for the Beerwah Masters team, and her efforts have been recognised by Sunshine Coast Sports, as Masters Athlete of the year.

The speedy swimmer has done the sport since she was five years old, played competitively into her twenties, and said she was honoured to have won this award on March 22, only starting in masters two years ago.

“I was very pleased because my team mates actually nominated me so that means a lot, and was excited to have won the award especially since they don’t hand it out every year,” she said.

“I didn’t have as much success swimming in my twenties as I do now, and in masters it’s a bit of a lighter competition.”

Knudsen said she is proud of her swimming efforts so far in the pool, including holding several state records and one national record in her masters age category.

The accolades keep on coming for Lene, as she ranked 5th for 100m fly and 6th for 50m fly in her age category in the 2022 masters top ten world rankings.

“I have one national record in the 100m fly and another national record which was recently beaten by someone else, I have a few Queensland records too but I’m not sure how many,” she said.

“I didn’t realise I’d be that highly ranked so that was really nice to find out a few weeks ago.”

Lene credits her ongoing motivation to be the best that she can be to the thrill of competition and is looking forward to continuing her masters swimming career.

“I’m a bit competitive I love the competitive side it has to it but the masters sport in general is about the fun side and the friendships,” she said.

“I just love being in the water and moving in the water.”

The Beerwah Swim team’s next swim meet won’t be until June or July, and Lene is preparing to compete individually in the World Masters Swimming Championships in August in Japan.