Beerwah Oztag is booming

By Kirra Livingstone

THE Beerwah Oztag venue is overflowing with keen kids wanting to join the sport, reaching a max of 250 in it’s first season.
Beerwah Oztag venue manager, Steve Barons, said despite being happy with the venue’s success so far, he feels bad for the many kids who want to join the local venue.
“I feel a bit disappointed for all the kids who want to join up and having to tell them sorry, we just don’t have the field allocations to be able to have any more players,” he said.
This allows the Beerwah venue to continue to grow, which Steve said he plans to expand their field capacity next year, especially now that three teams will represent the venue at the state cup next year.
“We’ve got an U12 boys, U13 boys, and U14 girls team all heading to the state cup in 2024, I’m more excited about that then I am about my own sporting achievements,” he said.
Steve added that the Beerwah venue will host a tournament style event on November 26, to allow kids the opportunity to play in a competitive style of Oztag.
“We are just waiting to confirm this event to ensure the fields will be available, but we are hoping to have food trucks and stuff like that to make a big day out of it,” he said.