BJ Murphy holds first solo exhibition

Jinibara Culture man BJ Murphy will present his first solo exhibition in Maleny from April 23 to July 2 – an evolution of a project that was to be delivered as part of the Horizon Festival in 2021.

Mimburi Ninyangurra, on show at Munnimbah Dja, Welcome Place, Maleny, features a series of ochre paintings and sculptural installations as well as a songman performance. 

BJ Murphy will host two talks, which give a deeper insight into the work, the process and cultural meaning, as part of the exhibition.

Sunshine Coast Council Arts Portfolio Councillor Rick Baberowski said the Horizon Festival was a fantastic vehicle for shining a spotlight on so many artists.

“What is incredibly important is showcasing and supporting the increasing scope of talent we have the good fortune to have within our region,” Cr Baberowski said.

Artist BJ Murphy said Mimburi Ninyangurra reflected his growth as an artist and Jinibara man.

It features a series of very powerful and culturally significant ochre paintings exhibited alongside sculptural forms that pay homage to previous works made under the guidance of Rick Roser, a Bigambul man and the original creator of the sculptural forms he names “Dreamtime Travellers”.

“Mimburi means ‘source’ or ‘continuous flow’ and Ninyangurra means ‘dreaming’, so Mimburi Ninyangurra means ‘Continuous Flow of Dreaming’,” Mr Murphy said.

“In a nutshell, this exhibition is my Mimburi Ninyangurra — source of continual dreaming. It’s generous, it’s raw, it’s deep, it’s personal, and it’s about ongoing connection and sharing.

“My art is an expression of my continued growth and connection as a Jinibara culture man. 

“It is presented with deep gratitude to Gaiarbau and the many others whose footsteps have fought for, and tread, this path before me. I am hoping this exhibition reflects exactly that.”

Cr Baberowski said the impetus of an exhibition is a great motivator and can provide a pivot point to an artist on many levels.

“I, like many others who were familiar with BJ’s work, are eagerly awaiting this exhibition to see his next body of work.

“I encourage everyone to take the time to experience what promises to be a very valuable exhibition.”


Date: Saturday, April 23 – Saturday, July 2, 2022

Time: 9am–4pm Thurs/Fri – Sat 9am-2pm 

Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place 20 Coral St, Maleny (Jinibara Country)


Bush tucker and refreshments provided.

Date: Saturday, April 23

Time: 5.30–8.30pm

Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place 20 Coral St, Maleny (Jinibara Country)