Body found in Glass House Mountains forestry

UPDATE: THE blackened remains of what is believed to be a teenager was discovered by chance after two men travelling along a 4WD track in the Glass House Mountains accidentally hit a dead end.

The discovery by the two men, aged 17 and 20 occurred about midday Tuesday after they hit a dead end track off Connection Road, Glass House Mountains.

Sunshine Coast Police say there was no personal items found, with just a lighter located near, despite an extensive search.

Senior Sergeant Craig Mansfield said police were still investigating the circumstances including how long the body had been at the scene, adding weather conditions had made the investigation difficult.

“We are trying to get those timelines,” he said.

“It could be a matter of days, weeks or months, just given the weather it’s hard.”

Police believe the size of the skeletal remains suggests it is a teenager, adding that it was not possible to tell if there had been any attempt to conceal the body.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Mansfield

Sunshine Coast detectives say they are investigating after skeletal remains were found in the Glass House Mountains yesterday.

Two men four-wheel-driving discovered the remains in a remote forestry track around midday on Tuesday, June 7.

Police have declared a crime scene and preliminary examinations indicate the remains are human.

They will be sent for further scientific and forensic analysis including establishing gender.

An Incident Centre has been established at Maroochydore Police Station with police from the Sunshine Coast Criminal Investigation Branch, intel officers, scientific and scenes of crime officers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Policelink on 131 444