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Community is key for Queensland Country bank

COMMUNITY connection is key for Queensland Country Bank’s Karen O’Rourke.
In her role with Queensland Country Bank, her passion is tapped daily as she works with members of all sizes and focuses, from small business owners, to farmers, agri-tourism operators, winemakers, homeowners, and large businesses.
“As a member-owned bank with a distinct purpose of helping all Queenslanders live better lives through better finances,” she said.
“It gives me such joy to be able to work alongside business owners and locals across this region.
“Being involved in the towns and events across Southern Queensland is such a joy; I feel like I’ve won a job jackpot!”
With two decades in banking, including time with the big four banks, Karen said she was loving her role with Queensland Country Bank because it was, and always would be, personal.
“It’s important to remember that families and businesses are not only concerned with today’s economic climate, interest rates and savings, but they are also very concerned how to live their lives in parallel with these pressures,” Karen said chatting to GC&M News.
“The human side of banking is important and so often overlooked. Our members are just that, members, and their financial wellbeing is our priority and always will be.”
Karen said Queensland Country Bank was focused on all areas of banking, and worked closely in tandem with its members.
“Community and conversations – they are the key,” she said. “It’s also why Queensland Country Bank partners with events like the Queensland Garden Expo; it’s a community-driven celebration that attracts so many people from all walks of life to learn a little more about such a wonderful common denominator in gardening.
“This is our second year as a Partner and we are all looking forward to meeting our members and introducing ourselves to new ones.”
Karen said she is a bit of a green thumb but has a current issue with a very stubborn Bush Turkey.
“I have recently renovated the garden in my courtyard. However, a very persistent Bush Turkey continues to re-renovate it.
“So I’ve come to a compromise with him – I’ve taken the delicate plants inside, and left the hardy ones outside. At this stage, it seems to be working. Fingers crossed!”
Karen said she had a number of different plants in her garden, including Heliconias, Lillypillies, Agapanthus, ferns and the most reliable and water-efficient of all, Bromeliads – which she has growing across her courtyard now.
She added that she was looking forward to talking to the Queensland Garden Expo experts for more advice!
Pop in to say hi to Karen and the team at the Queensland Garden Expo (bring up the Bush Turkey situation, she’ll love it!)
from July 4-7.
Or see the team at the Maleny branch, located at 28 Maple Street, Maleny.