Bruce Highway is a top ‘red spot congestion’

CONGESTION on the Bruce Highway and other major roads in south-east Queensland has been identified as a significant issue in the latest Red Spot Congestion Survey conducted by RACQ.
Four out of the top five congested roads were identified as orbital motorways, including the Pacific Motorway, Bruce Highway – from Pine River Bridge to Caloundra – the Centenary Motorway, and Gateway Motorway. Dr Michael Kane, RACQ’s Head of Public Policy, emphasised the need for decisive action from the government to improve and complete the transport network in Brisbane. With the approaching 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games, members of RACQ are calling for existing motorways and public transport corridors to be fixed, finished, and extended. There are bottlenecks in the orbital motorway network, such as the Logan Motorway, that require attention, and ongoing projects need to be completed. Additionally, missing links in certain sections of the network need to be extended. To alleviate congestion and prevent traffic overload on certain roads like the Inner City Bypass and Pacific Motorway, there is a need for a “Western Bypass” link, which would complete a full outer-orbital road network around Brisbane City.
RACQ also highlighted concerns raised by members regarding key roads leading into the city, stressing the need for improved public transport infrastructure on these radial routes.
Enoggera Road, South Pine Road, Gympie Road, and Old Cleveland Road could benefit from better public transport options to ease congestion. Dr Kane further emphasised the importance of strategic long-term planning for the city’s growth and transportation needs, especially with the projected population of 4.5 million people in the south-east region within the next decade. He called for proactive planning to create the desired future cityscape and address the challenges resulting from inadequate past planning.
The Red Spot Congestion Survey is conducted biennially by RACQ to monitor and assess congestion levels.