Burritos to go at Beerwah

By Jennifer Kent

FROM the streets of San Fran to a bustling corner in Beerwah, Burrito Bar Beerwah is bringing mouth-watering Mexican-inspired modern cuisine to the hinterland.  

Having opened their doors earlier this year in March, owner Sanjay and his team had a strong feeling the people of the hinterland would respond positively to a casual, fun restaurant which aims to bring people together.  

“We were excited to finally open up the restaurant to the local community and bring a new flavour and cuisine to the area,” Sanjay said.  

“The community here are really welcoming and we’ve had some great feedback on our menu and customer’s dining experiences. 

Beast Nachos
Beast Nachos

“It’s been a really great few months and we’re looking forward to continuing to get to know the local community.” 

With just two other franchisees on the Sunshine Coast, it was only fitting that the ‘tex-mex’ restaurant made its way to Beerwah and for the growing hinterland population, adding the much-loved cuisine as not only a take-away, but dine-in experience has proved to be favourable.  

The unmistakable variety of flavour of Mexican food is showcased across a hefty menu, and includes favourites such as burritos, nachos, quesadillas and tacos, simply to name a few. But it is the addition of extras that adds to an overall modern cuisine experience… Chilli Con Carne, Jalepeno Toppers anyone?  And for those who can’t say no to a grill, Sanjay says the 12 hour slow cooked ribs are something pretty special, not to mention their burgers, wings and crispy wraps!


Their latest offering from the beverages department include a tasty range of cocktails, mocktails , wine, beer, tequila and sangria.

Clearly understanding the importance of finishing off a meal with something sweet, the menu extends to chocolate nachos and tacos and of course, churros. Also in store is a fantastic variety of ice creams from Sweet Republick.  

Traditionally, Mexican food is all about bringing people together, and the team at Burrito Bar Beerwah ensure that tradition is carried on, albeit with a modern twist.  

Whether it’s a quick drop in for a lunch special, or a family affair, Sanjay says his team work hard to give everyone that comes through the door a wonderful hospitality experience.  


Keen to keep quality flavoursome food affordable, the Burrito Bar run fantastic specials all throughout the week, so whether you have a hankering for some Mexican, or want something to feed the whole family (minus the arguments!) there’s always something special on offer.