Caloundra local ready to fight for Fisher

WITH a federal election slated within the next six months, the Australian Labor Party has announced its candidates for the Sunshine Coast seats of Fisher and Fairfax, currently held by Andrew Wallace and Ted O’Brien, both LNP.

In the local electorate of Fisher, Judene Andrews will be a name you will see more of as the ALP endorsed candidate.

Ms Andrews, a Caloundra resident, is the daughter of a mechanic and a factory worker.

She joined the workforce at age 15, working for the Department of Transport coordinating support for people with disabilities.

Ms Andrews has previously worked closely with the veteran community as an adviser and pioneered a volunteer resource and recruitment centre on the Gold Coast.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast, Ms Andrews works as an environmental sustainability manager with a leading health and community service provider, driving the organisation’s sustainability.

Ms Andrews says she understands the issues that matter to the people of Fisher.

“We’re not getting the leadership we deserve from the Morrison government, which is all about politics and not about the people of the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

“The government has failed on the vaccination rollout, failed on climate change and aged care, and failed to deliver adequate economic support for our communities.

“Our region deserves better than the MPs here who have failed to deliver for our community and stood by watching more cuts come through from this government.”

Health worker and mother of five, Sue Ferguson has been announced as the candidate for Fairfax.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said that both Fairfax and Fisher were electorates that needed an MP willing to fight for their community.

“Judene and Sue have the skills and experience necessary to be those representatives,” Mr Albanese said.

“They will be champions for better health services on the Sunshine Coast, and strong advocates for good local jobs and a real plan to address climate change.

“Under a Labor government we’ll always make sure Fairfax and Fisher get their fair share.”

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