Cans for Cars

By Sonia Isaacs Clark

MOOLOOLAH resident Sam Tucker is remarkable man determined to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Over the last three years, the resourceful father of four has collected over 40,000 cans which he has used to channel interest and funds into fixing up and donating cars to locals in need. With an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong drive to support others, Sam initially chose this project to show young people that big things can grow from small seeds of ideas and achievements.

Bravely working to overcome his own personal challenges with mental health, ADHD and Dyslexia, Sam has drawn upon his own lived experiences to focus his intention to provide practical help for others, and to support awareness around youth support, mental health, suicide prevention and domestic violence. He said his cash for cans project has been way to connect with others to share his vision.

“I would like to create a fully functioning youth mentoring facility to help young adults navigate life living with ADHD and Dyslexia. The Cans for cars project has been a way to show people you can start with nothing and build something up,” explained Sam.

Sam said that to date, five cars have been purchased, fixed up and donated, with an additional two currently under repair. He said he was extremely grateful for the support from Repco Caloundra in supplying parts, the team from The Mechanic Guy Mooloolah who have supplied parts and labour for free of charge since day one, and Mark Forbes, founder of support service endED, who generously donated $5000 in December 2021.

Col Costello from The Mechanic Guy said he was more than happy to support Sam in his ventures that has delivered two cars to Mooloolah residents in need, and three cars donated to Lily House Nambour , the women’s crisis and domestic violence survivor support centre.

“This is a great local initiative from one of our locals who wants to give back and support the community. We’ve been happy to be onboard to support Sam’s vision since the beginning,” said Col.

Sam said that as well as raising awareness about mental health and domestic violence he wanted to show people that the simple, and seemingly small act of collecting cans could lead to great things.

“Big things can grow from the repetition of small achievements. I’d love to inspire people and especially young people to think this way, but at the end of the day I just want to be a good human and make my children proud by leaving a positive footprint wherever I go,”

Main image: Col Costello, Sam Tucker and Kellie Melnacis from The Mechanic Guy Mooloolah