Caravaners more likely to crash coming home

The caravan industry has launched a road safety campaign ahead of new research showing most RV users are likely to crash on Monday or Sunday as they return home from holidays.

Some 1.7 million campers preparing to hit the road this Easter according to the industry.

Australia has over 820,000 registered caravans and RVs and with many planning to travel again, taking precautions and preplanning your trip is vital to ensure a safe trip and enjoyable holiday.

A Caravan Industry Consumer Sentiment Report has shown that Australians are ready to get travelling again after the easing of both Covid and travel restrictions.

Concerns about travelling have drastically decreased with 62 per cent of Australians thinking that Australia is less impacted by the pandemic than most countries.

Some 56 per cent of respondents said they were actively planning their next holiday with 52 per cent preferring an interstate holiday.

In preparation, road safety information about pre-planning your trip to manage fatigue, proper use of rest stops including truck rest areas, vehicle preparation, sharing the road with trucks, towing, caravan parks shared spaces and pool safety will be promoted and shared.

According to road safety research Road Safety Research indicates RV road users are most likely to have a crash on Monday or Sunday as drivers return from their holidays. Crashes are most likely to occur between 10am and 12pm and fatalities are more likely to occur on regional roads.

Rear Ends are the most common reason for a crash (18 per cent) followed by angle collision (14 per cent) and losing control (13 per cent)