Check your letterbox for Census instructions

THE Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has started sending out instructions on how to complete this year’s Census to more than 10 million Australian households. The Census is due to be held on Tuesday, August 10.

About 85 per cent of all households in Australia will receive a letter explaining how to complete the Census online or how to order a paper form.

Some households will receive a paper form and a reply-paid envelope for its return to the ABS. There are instructions on the paper form for those who prefer to complete it online.

Andrew Henderson, the ABS Census executive director and national spokesperson, asked everyone to check their letterboxes.

“We’re encouraging people to complete their Census as soon as they receive their instructions if they know where they will be on Tuesday, August 10,” Mr Henderson said.

“This means you don’t have to wait and complete it on a single night. We know this flexibility will make it more convenient for people to complete.

“People will be able to complete the Census online, on their mobile device or on paper. We’re also making it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in the Census with a range of support and assistance available.”

There are two new questions in the 2021 Census, the first changes to the questions asked since 2006. The new questions are on long-term health conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, and on defence force participation.

ABS expects about 75 per cent of forms to be completed online this year, compared to 63 per cent in 2016. It will take the average household 30 minutes to complete the Census.

The 2021 Census campaign message is “every stat tells a story”, highlighting how Census data is used to guide services for individuals, families and communities.

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