Clear messy palms before the storms

We have been called to many jobs this month to clear palm trees, which can become messy and dangerous when they drop their fronds.
Palm trees are particularly difficult to remove because they are tall and skinny with no branches to climb, so a cherry-picker is required to reach up high.
When they are close to the house, palm trees can drop fronds onto the roof, which can block gutters and decrease sunlight onto solar panels.
They are also fragile in high winds and susceptible to falling, so now is the time to clear them away before summer storms hit.
Property owners are always relieved when tall, messy palm trees are cleared away safely because it lets more light into the property and gives them peace of mind that they won’t be a risk during inevitable storms.
Palm fronds are also heavy with sharp, prickly edges, so they are a nuisance to clean up, especially for older residents.
By employing a professional tree company, we take the hassle out of this job.
Our staff are trained to use the necessary tools and machines, including appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment).
If you are concerned about any palm trees on your property, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.