Club Glasshouse reveals 7-day menu

IT might be the hinterland’s best kept secret if you don’t count the 1200 members who already know what all the fuss is about.

Club Glass House, on Gardner St off Coonowrin Road, is currently experiencing something of a boom, with not only record membership levels but more than 60 new member signing up each month.

Club manager Geoff Martin said momentum kicked in when Covid restrictions lifted last year, sharing that it had been “hang on to your hats” since then.

Now in a nod to rising memberships, stable staff levels and a new cook to complement the irrepressible Alec, the club is now extending its trading to seven days a week for lunch and dinner and adding in two exciting new menus.

In addition to the traditional menu, the Glassie is adding a Monday night Thai menu (from Feb 13) and a Tuesday night American BBQ menu (starting Feb 21).

“We feel now is the right time to really value add for current members while still looking to attract new people to the club,” Geoff said.

“They’re really exciting new menus that offers something for everyone and of course our classic menu is still available every day.”

From the BBQ menu, GC&M News sampled the loaded fries and the Pulled Pork Burger. The fries were a generous helping with succulent shredded pork, with cheese and sour cream to top off a satisfying dish.

The pulled pork on a fresh bun with coleslaw and sauce was equally delicious with the smoked meat radiating through the dish. From the Thai menu, the healthy-sized spring rolls accompanied by the sweet soy sauce and sweet chilli sauces were delicious and the massaman curry was spot on, with its hints of cardamom and cinnamon was also a very filling and tasty main. Check them out at

Geoff and Alisha

Main image: Chef Alec