Community approach to tackling domestic violence

MEMBERS from the Sunshine Coast Domestic and Violence Family Unit and Vulnerable Persons Unit have attended a small business breakfast focused was on crafting a community approach to tackling domestic violence in the workplace.

The event also saw the launch of the H.A.L.T Map Project which was made possible as a result of a donation to DV Safe Phone from Small Steps 4 Hannah, founded by Lloyd and Sue Clarke, parents of Hannah and grandparents of Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey.

The H.A.L.T Map Project aims to connect victims experiencing, or at risk of, domestic abuse directly with front line agencies who are also an authorised DV Safe Phone distributor in Australia.

DV Safe Phone was started in April 2020 when founder Ashton Wood was clearing out his house and wanted to donate the items that he no longer required.

Ashton made contact with a former police officer that informed him that the items most needed were mobile phones.

Mobile phones are often being damaged, stolen or monitored by DFV perpetrators.

Since its inception, DV Safe Phone have collected, repurposed and gifted over 2,300 phones to victims of domestic violence.

These ‘safe phones’ provide a lifeline to call for help when it is most needed.

The goal of DV Safe Phone is to get a safe phone into the hands of every victim of domestic violence that needs one and as well as credit provided with every phone.

DV Safe Phone are attempting to collect 1,000 phones in May 2022, coinciding with Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month.   If you are interested in more information or have phones to donate, please visit