Crank the Croc

TALK about falling on your sword.

New Mayor Rosanna Natoli revealed at last week’s ordinary meeting that both her and husband Joe couldn’t take any part in the vote on the Mooloolaba Foreshore development.

The project is kind of a big deal, but alas the couple had been offered and accepted five nights accommodation (valued at $2,200) to stay at the Peninsula Beachfront

Resort on the foreshore.

Wouldn’t you know it, but said resort could be a beneficiary of the development.

Why you would have accepted it in the first place, is one question that comes

to mind.

Nonetheless it was Mayor Natoli’s extreme offer to make amends that took me aback: “I will now execute myself,” she said at the ordinary meeting.

Execute indeed. Who needs the Crime and Corruption Commission with this new breed of self-regulating hari kari councillors. In saying that we commend the strong leadership and raised regulatory expectations.

As it happened Cr Natoli quickly corrected the record to ‘exclude’ herself from the

vote. From one extreme to the next. Boring.


DECIDED to go and see a financial adviser to make sure I can afford at least

one P&O cruise a year when I step back from being a famous and respected columnist.

What a disappointment. I wanted bling. Some smooth talker living my best life. Someone who uses words like ‘leverage’ and ‘borrow’ and ‘golf’. Someone in a

fancy boardroom with Bloomberg playing in the background and a Powerpoint deck with shiny line graphs all pointing up.

Instead I got a drab boardroom, cheap laptop that doesn’t connect to

the TV and an adviser using horrible words like ‘budgeting’ and ‘means’.

These people might sleep well at night but I bet it’s in budget accommodation. Next.