Creative Landsborough Kindy kids have art in the right place

Over the past few months Children of Landsborough Community Kindergarten, in partnership with local creatives and makers have been busy creating art in all its forms: pottery, photography, jewellery, floral art and more.

Through the creative process the children have been able to express themselves, learn from others, have a sense of purpose, try something new, problem solve and build self esteem!  Their works will be displayed and sold at an upcoming Community Art Night at Landsborough Hall on Saturday, September 10 from 5-8pm to help raise funds for the Kindy. This night is designed to be a celebration of Children’s creativity and an opportunity to connect with Community.

Meet one of our ‘Makers’

Murphy, aged 5

What is your favourite art medium? Photography and clay

Where do you get your inspiration from? There was a lady who came to our Kindy and she taught as how to make a bowl. She was my inspiration!

What do you want people to feel when they look at your work? I want them to feel happy, excited and surprised!

How much are you going to sell your artwork for? 100 dollars – It’s really good!

What do you love about Landsborough Kindy? I love when I play with my friends in our beautiful Kindy yard. We have native bees, a bee garden, swings, grass, rock river, a dancing stage and a sandpit. It is the best!

Landsborough Community Kindergarten has a long history in
our Community and has been operating for over 60 years. They promote learning through play and endeavour to provide an environment that is stimulating, challenging and builds upon each child’s interests, knowledge and skills.