Cutting edge movement

A HIP and knee joint clinic opening in Maleny next month will give patients access to state-of-the-art robotic technology available for the very first time on the Sunshine Coast.
Dr Hamish Gray from Sunshine Coast Joint Surgery will be opening at Maleny Physiotherapy, 70 Maple St, in the coming weeks, giving locals a direct link to cutting edge robotic technology for hip and knee replacement surgery at Buderim Private Hospital.
The multimillion-dollar Mako orthopaedic robotic arm is designed to improve outcomes for patients requiring total or partial hip or knee replacement surgery by assisting orthopaedic surgeons to deliver new levels of accuracy and precision.
General Manager, Shane Mitchell, said the arrival of the Mako robot at Buderim Private Hospital was part of the hospital’s long commitment to providing the Sunshine Coast community with access to innovative technology and quality care close to home.
“Providing high-quality care and positive outcomes to patients on the Sunshine Coast is at the heart of everything we do,” Mr Mitchell said.
“We are really excited about the arrival of the Mako robot and what that will mean for the hundreds of patients who come to us every year for joint replacement surgery and who trust us with their care.”
Dr Shane Blackmore, Dr Frank Connon and Dr Hamish Gray (pictured) will all offer access to Mako robotic services, with other orthopaedic surgeons currently undergoing training to offer the service in the future.
“We are thrilled that highly skilled and experienced surgeons are now able to offer this fantastic service to the people of the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Mitchell said.
“For patients, the robotic technology has also been attributed with quicker rehabilitation, shorter hospital stays, greater implant longevity and ultimately greater satisfaction,” he said.
The orthopaedic robot has recently undergone commissioning, with the first patients booked for surgery from August 2023.
As part of UnitingCare, the Buderim Private Hospital is owned by the Uniting Church and is the only not-for-profit provider of private hospital services on the Sunshine Coast.
Dr Hamish Gray is now offering MAKO robotic orthopaedic joint replacement surgery on the Sunshine Coast with consultations available in Maleny for Hinterland residents in addition to his rooms in Birtinya.
He explains that we are all individuals. The shape of your bones, your supporting muscles and tendons are unique.
How your arthritis, or other disease, affects your hip and knee joint is unique.
Makoplasty joint replacement offers unparalleled precision. Patients who are suitable for this can expect:
A more natural feeling joint replacement
Greater preservation of healthy bone.
Less damage to muscles, tendons and nerves.
Less time in the hospital
Increased comfort during the recovery and rehabilitation
Long term joint reliability due to precision surgery for your anatomy
Dr Gray explains that prior to the surgery an individualised surgical plan is developed from a 3D model made from a CT scan.
This 3D image, also known as an avatar, is uploaded into the robotic arm.
In the operating room, Dr Gray follows the personalised surgical plan while preparing the bone for the implant.
The Mako robotic arm guides and provides him with the precision to measure the angles and distances the human eye and hand cannot attain. This helps to provide more accurate placement and alignment of joint replacement implant components.
Make an appointment with Dr Hamish Gray, in Maleny or Birtinya, to talk about the potential benefits of MAKO robotic surgery for you – as an individual.