Dana Coolwell – champion of Australia!

BEERWAH boxing sensation Dana ‘Deadly’ Coolwell has proven that persistence, hard work, belief and a strong support base is the mark of a future champion.

Dana returned from the Gold Coast Convention Centre to his training base at the Hinterland Boxing Club in Beerwah with the prestigious Australian Super Featherweight Championship belt held firmly in his iron-fist grasp.

Bouncing back from his first professional loss in early October, Dana took on the fancied seasoned fighter Miles Zalewski, who came in on a four-bout winning streak.

From the bell, Dana was in control, displaying the precision and skill that he’s honed over the decade he’s been boxing and working with Stephen Pitt, owner and trainer at the Beerwah Hinterland Boxing Club.

It was in the tenth round that Dana, with a flashing left, caught Zalewski flush on the chin, the power of which saw him crumple to the canvas leading to a knockout decision for Dana.

Fox Sports commentator Ben Damon claimed that the timing and skill of the final blow had to be a contender for the knockout of the year.

Dana has built a strong platform over the years, taking out Queensland, National and Golden Glove titles, and representing Australia at the 2015 amateur World Championships in Russia.

Stephen, who has coached Dana from the time he stepped into his boxing gym as a rangy 13-year-old, said that he had always been “a lovely kid, with a soft nature and a big smile”.

“But he’s extremely strong and he’s fast, and his boxing IQ is far superior to most others,” Stephen said.

Dana’s victory has set the boxing world abuzz.

His promotions team at Tasman Fighters, which also looked after former WBO welterweight world champion Jeff Horn, described Dana as a rising star.

“It’s hard to put into words what Dana’s incredible performance means to us all,” a promotions team spokesperson said.

“Remember the name Dana Coolwell because he is on the rise and has just put every super featherweight boxer in Australia on notice.”

International promoter, manager and matchmaker Stuart Duncan hailed the awesome effort from Dana and his team.

“To turn it around in six weeks and put in an epic performance like that coming off a loss is a sensational effort.,” Duncan said.

“Steve Pitt believes in his fighter and did a brilliant job guiding him to victory. I am really excited about the road ahead for Dana. 2022 is going to be a big year for Deadly.”

Boxing Australia’s Queensland talent identification coach Mark Evans is proud to have worked with both Dana and Stephen, describing them as two great men with the world at their feet.

“Remember the name Dana-James Russell Coolwell. This kid is destined for great things and with Stephen Pitt in his corner anything is possible,” Mark said.

Local retired boxer and former world champion Brett ‘Handful’ Smith gave a glowing description of Dana’s performance.

“Absolutely brilliant display of pure boxing,” he said. “Was a pleasure to watch.

“Everything – offensive and defensive skills, ring work, poise, sportsmanship – awesome.

“Well done, Dana, Pitty and the team at Hinterland Boxing Club.”

Dana is now working towards competing – and winning – at the youth world titles in May.