Disaster Planning

THE Glasshouse Country Disaster Management Network (GCDMN) held a milestone meeting last week to unite and celebrate a range of community-led initiatives aimed at disaster preparedness.
Representatives from community groups, churches, frontline services, the Sunshine Coast Council, and some peak bodies attended the meeting, where participants discussed the planning efforts to support disaster-related communications, donation coordination, meal supply, and the care of people, animals, and the environment.
The GCDMN was established in late 2019 when local community groups began collectively considering their roles before, during, and after disasters. Since then, the local network has reflected on past disasters and translated learnings and ideas into actions aimed at building local community resilience.
Local community worker Natasha Odgers stated that the network has reached a significant level of maturity. “From the first workshop to now, there have been continuous developments to better prepare how groups collaborate at the local level,” Ms Odgers said
“Knowing one another and forming communication channels for times of disaster have been two of the most important aspects of the network.”
A printed handbook was distributed to local organisations and the Sunshine Coast Council, providing an overview of how groups and services in Glasshouse Country can support various roles during disasters. Stay tuned for the release of the Get Ready Glasshouse Country Disaster Preparedness booklets. For further information about the Glasshouse Country Disaster Management Network can be found at www.gcdmn.com.au.