Division 1 Glasshouse cricket team is back in the runs

By Kirra Livingstone

THE Division 1 Mens Glasshouse Cricket team has bounced back from a  slow start to the season, winning two matches in two weeks against Caboolture and Gympie.

Team captain Joel Owen said the team were confident in winning the two day 20/20 against Gympie, which they did by 93 runs, concluding on October 28.

The final score was Gympie 10/111 and 6/112 and Glasshouse 10/169 and 2/147 (declared).

Glasshouse played a 20/20 against Caboolture in round five on October 15, and won by one run with nine overs to spare.

The final score was Caboolture 6/78 and Glasshouse 1/79.

Joel detailed the team is struggling most with batting, but are working on strengthening this.

“We keep losing a lot of wickets, we lose a lot of momentum and its really hard to rebuild from that,” he said. “ In training and during games, we are working on trying to bat through time, so if we can bat for long periods of time the runs will come.”

The team has also received a number of new recruits, one from England, a couple from Gold Coast and one from Maroochydore, and the transition of joining the squad has been seamless.

“It was a pretty smooth transition with the new and established players, it has been good getting to know everyone, we’ve kind of gelled really nicely,” Joel said.

The Glasshouse Division 1 men will now face off against Coolum in a two day 20/20 at Coolum in round 10 on November 4.