Dodgy road repair

By Mitch Gaynor

A ‘DESIGN’ for resurfacing damaged parts of Landsborough-Maleny Road is underway more than eight months after the road was identified as in desperate need of repair.

The deteriorated bitumen along a 600 metre stretch of the road has been a major headache for drivers with cars either swerving dangerously to avoid the patches or at times hitting it and needing significant repairs.

GC&M News contacted Transport and Main Roads about the stretch and if work was set to commence and was told that a design into the repair job was underway.

“We are … progressing a design for resurfacing about 600 metres of Landsborough-Maleny Rd, from the east of the Ocean View Tourist Park to just west of Old Maleny Rd East, Mount Mellum,” a TMR spokesperson said.

It comes after Glass House MP Andrew Powell went to the media this month saying that there was an $875m backlog of road repairs across the region.

“Every day my office receives calls from disgruntled road users wondering why these key connections are crumbling to pieces” said Mr Powell.

He said Landsborough-Maleny Rd was a particularly big concern.