Dude, where’s my cream car?

SLIM Moroney never owned a blue 1950 Holden FX, and in fact Holden never produced a blue model of that car.

So it was interesting to those in the know that a photo of Slim’s ‘powder blue’ Holden was selected as the front of the Sunshine Coast Council’s 2023 Heritage Calendar (inset).

Slim had supplied his 2003 photo (main image) a year after he had purchased and restored the classic car.

While Slim was thrilled his photo had been selected for the calendar, titled “On the Move – how we travelled the Sunshine Coast”, he was a little bemused why designers chose to severely photoshop the ‘Shelton Cream’ FX picture. The original was a terrific photo by Slim (right), who was the proud owner of the vehicle for 20 years before he recently sold it.