Electric vehicle demand far outstrips supply

A new report into electric vehicle sales has found demand drastically outstripping supply due to Australia still being perceived by global carmakers as an unattractive market.

While consumer demand for EVs is surging, many Australians who want to purchase an electric car are being told they may have to wait months if not years.

Sales of EVs tripled to over 20,000 units in 2021 according to the report titled, State of Electric Vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari blamed the federal government’s refusal to move on fuel efficiency standards as a key driver of the supply restriction.

“Because the Morrison Government’s refuses to introduce the same fuel efficiency standards they have in the US and the UK Australians are being denied access to the electric cars they now desperately want — especially at the more affordable end of the market,” Mr Jafari said.

“Carmakers look at Australia and see strong demand, which is encouraging. But they also realise that every time they sell an EV in America or Europe that will count toward meeting the fuel efficiency standards of those jurisdictions.

“So naturally they prefer to sell EVs there, instead of here.

“Through a toxic combination of inertia, myopia, and dogma the Morrison Government has created a situation where thousands of Australians can’t get access to the car they want to buy