Elements exhibition at Vianta Arts

ORIGINALLY from France and after many years spent travelling the world, Magali Feuga (Mag) is now based on the Sunshine Coast and will be holding an exhibition of her work at Vianta Arts during February and March.

Mag’s father was an accomplished painter and his passion and love for art influenced Mag from a very young age.

After studying in art school, it took a 20-year career as a private chef to be able to put her passion back in the place it needed to be and finally pursue her original dream.

Influenced by Pop and Street art, as well as Abstract and Figurative, an endless curiosity allows her to play with different techniques and use a variety of media such as acrylic, ink, marker pens, spray paint, oil sticks or collage.

Mag’s work is in constant evolution. Exploring and experimenting without boundaries to create unique and eclectic artworks, guided by her current inspirations present in this current exhibition titled “Elements”.

The final visual result is more of an intuitive approach and is determined by the subject she paints and the emotions it generates.

The exhibition is on display at Vianta Espresso and Wine Bar, located at 70 Simpson Street, Beerwah.