En route to Melbourne with Bonza

By Kirra Livingstone

THE SUNSHINE Coast is now a hop, skip and a flight to some of Australia’s most desirable regional hot spots with dozens of new routes giving travellers a smorgasboard of new flight options.

February 21 marked the very first flight to Avalon, but the lowcost carrier has unveiled 17 destinations and 27 routes to choose with flights starting from $79.

The very first flight to Avalon Airport from the Sunshine Coast flicked the go switch on Bonza’s stated aims of connecting more Australians than ever before.

“It is a significant milestone as we get wheels up into Victoria for the first time,” said Bonza CEO Tim Jordan.

“South East Queenslanders can now fly direct to Avalon for a wide range of holiday experiences in Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Great Ocean Road. Likewise, Victorians can now fly direct from Avalon to the Sunshine Coast to visit loved ones and take a well earned break.”

Bonza will fly direct between the Sunshine Coast and Avalon three times per week with flights available to book on the Fly Bonza app, or with a registered travel agent, until late October 2023.

Sunshine Coast Airport CEO Andrew Brodie, who flew with Bonza customers said: “The Sunshine Coast is a highly sought after holiday destination for Victorians, and being able to fly directly out of Avalon will make travel so much easier for people who live in Greater Melbourne.

“Similarly, people who have friends or family in Victoria, now have greater options for travel as Bonza will be operating three flights to Avalon a week.

“This new route is also great news for Sunshine Coast locals who love their sport events or who want to spend time enjoying the incredible foodie culture that Melbourne is known for,” Mr Brodie said.

Mr Jordan thanked both airports for their partnership in the lead up to the milestone.

“Today is a result of a strong partnership with Sunshine Coast Airport, Avalon Airport and its owners Linfox,” he said.