Eudlo’s fresh new look

Locals and visitors to the township of Eudlo will notice a new and vibrant look.

Sunshine Coast Council Division 5 Councillor Winston Johnston said the upgrade to the main thoroughfare enhanced the day-to-day experience for all .

“Works started in January on making the town’s streets safer for pedestrians and road users by keeping our youngest residents safe when journeying to school,” Cr Johnston said.  

“The pedestrian crossing on Rosebed Street and Corlis Avenue have been upgraded, and I think the community will enjoy the upgrades providing an appealing walkable environment.

“The improvements focused on giving the town a green injection to cool and beautify the urban environment.

“Some of the carparks have been realigned in the centre of Rosebed Street to make way for three garden beds boasting three large shade trees and more than 700 smaller shrubs and groundcovers.

“In addition, council will also be adding new solar lights, to the three new centre garden beds on Rosebed Street, which will provide for a welcoming entrance during the evenings. 

“These beneficial changes go a long way to delivering social, economic and sustainable benefits for Eudlo.”

The upgrade process has been in train since November 2020 with the community involved in the concept design.