Extension of accommodation fee waivers

Sunshine Coast Council will continue to waive permit fees for those having to temporarily live in a tent, car, caravan or mobile home who, due to extenuating circumstances, find it difficult to pay.

The council said it recognised the impact of the housing crisis and increasing cost of living pressures and was aiming to provide reassurance to vulnerable people who were living in some form of temporary accommodation.

“Earlier this year we could only reduce the fees associated with temporary dwellings for the current budget cycle, but I want to highlight that those reduced fees will continue into the new financial year,” Councillor David Law said.

The reduced fee of $0 came into effect from February 24, 2023, and information on Council’s website can assist applicants in understanding and navigating the approval process.

Approval is for a limited duration, depending on the type of temporary home:

•  less than three months for a tent

•  six months for a car

•  18 months for a bus, caravan, or mobile home.

Where more time is required, the fee to reapply for a temporary home approval is $392.

However, where Council has previously waived the fee, Council will again take into account any extenuating circumstances.