Fatherhood is just the focus for Dana

CHAMPION Beerwah boxer Dana Coolwell is focused and fighting fit for his eleventh professional bout, this time against seasoned pro Kevin Aseniero on November 5 at the Fortitude Music Hall.
Dana’s coach Steve Pitt has praised his revitalised attitude in the ring following the birth of his first child in August, his son Iluka.
“I’m really proud of him, he’s juggling training in the mornings, training in the evenings, working all day, going home and cooking dinner, doing the fatherly duties and feeding him at night,” he said.
“He’s focused on the baby, and he’s got a different look in his eye at the moment, so it’s really good.
“He’s really focused like I haven’t seen him in a long time… the responsibility of becoming a father has really heightened his maturity.”
And although he’s just become a dad, this has not slowed him down in motivation and instead has improved his training for his upcoming bout.
“It’s been really good, he’s on point and ahead of schedule and he’s really settling into the featherweight division,” he said.
“We’ve already been doing some sparring which we don’t usually do yet, but he’s been really strong in the sessions.”
Philippines boxer Kevin “The Bull” Aseniero has a pro boxing record of ten wins, four losses and a draw, and although more experienced than Dana (8-2), Steve said it won’t change the end result.
“This fight will keep him busy, keep him active and keep testing him, this guy has won a few belts himself and he’ll test Dana, but we believe he won’t have what it takes to upset Dana,” he said.
“Dana is a big featherweight in his division, so his size, his hand speed, his power, and his boxing IQ will benefit him in this bout.”
Steve hinted at some big fights on the horizon, including possibly one in December and a standout fight in March next year, which Steve said will be a big step up.

Main image: Dana with Bec and Iluka