Festival fresh and fabulous

Festival Director says more free events for 2024

By Sonia Isaacs

RANGEBOW Festival Director, Wayne Parcell, said he was excited to be bringing back a freshened outlook on last year’s festival favourites, along with more free and community-inclusive friendly events.
He said the festival organising committee had delivered on last year’s promise to ensure some of the best things at Rangebow 2024 would be free for everybody to enjoy.
“We picked the events for the festival this year based on what people loved last year, but then freshened them up a bit so they still offer an exciting and innovative experience,” he explained.
“For example, people loved our Indigenous food event, so we’ve enhanced it to offer an even more sensational event this year with fantastic food and incredible cultural elements.
“We’ve added opera to our symphony experience this year, and in lieu of opera in the chapel we’ve created a harp, cello, viola and flute concert. Basically, we’ve tried to create some fabulous new experiences in the genre people have liked.”
Mr Parcell said he hoped that everyone would be able to find some joy – even through tough economic times. He said a big focus of the 2024 festival was to ‘amp up’ the free, all inclusive events. The ‘Enchanted Garden’ offered three days of mostly free entertainment with circus style acts, music, a disco, kids events and more.
“We’ve made sure we’ve responded to the economic circumstances that many people now find themselves in.
“People need some joy and fun, and we are trying to give that by ensuring many of our events are at little or no cost,” Mr Parcell said.
He said he wanted to make sure the festival offered something back to the community that had supported them. He said he also picked up that the festival needed to ensure inclusion happened at a grassroots level.
“The festival has to go beyond all the stereotypical inclusions – it needs to speak to everybody. While we’ve done that well in the past, I think this year we’ll do it even better!” he said.
“This year we aim to appeal to a broader range of people, and to more people who might otherwise think it’s not for them.”
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