FIGHT FOR FISHER 2022: AJP candidate Vickie Breckenridge

Ahead of the May 21, 2022 Federal Election, Glasshouse Country & Maleny News asked all six candidates in the Fisher electorate to tell readers who they are and why they want to be a politician. We also asked the candidates to identify one significant issue facing Fisher and what they propose to do about it. Next edition: The Big Pitch

I’M Vickie Breckenridge and I am the Federal Candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the Division of Fisher, here on the Sunshine Coast.

I have lived in this area for over 20 years and I have four companion animals. I am now retired but I have volunteered in many different ways here on the coast, and still volunteer at Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge and Wildlife Rescue – Sunshine Coast. Animals have always been my passion and I have always loved politics, so it made sense to combine the two.

It’s time for a new voice in Australian politics – a voice of kindness, non-violence and equality. The Animal Justice Party is a party of compassion. I am running for a seat in parliament because we need a kinder world. I have seen the fear in the eyes of animals going to be slaughtered. The Animal Justice Party is the only political party dedicated to ending the suffering of animals. We see the public are concerned about political party’s failure to address issues concerning animals and nature. Having members in parliament is the only way to provide better welfare for animals at a political level. Our mission is to secure the interest of animals and nature, through government policies. Our policies are grouped into three areas – Animals, Humans and the Environment, and the AJP seeks to restore the balance between these areas.

Each year three million animals are transported around the world by sea or air from Australia. The animals are subjected to unspeakable conditions. They are exposed to extreme weather, heat stress, over-crowding, disease, and appalling handling and slaughter practices at their destination. For years Australians have been voicing their opposition to Live Animal Export, but the governments aren’t listening. We cannot continue to allow animals to be treated in such a horrendous way. In addition to advocating for an immediate ban, the AJP would support the transition of Live Animal Export Workers into industries that are humane and ethical, as well as environmentally and economically sustainable.

The AJP is concerned with any development that involves habitat destruction and land clearing, and we are against urban sprawl. We see this as a problem here in Fisher and all coastal areas. When elected, we will ensure that any population increase happens within existing urban boundaries. Urban sprawl must cease. We will also invest in research into urban planning that will improve sense of community and quality of life whilst also living harmoniously with wildlife and nature.

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