FIGHT FOR FISHER 2022: United Australia Party candidate Tony Moore

Ahead of the May 21, 2022 Federal Election, Glasshouse Country & Maleny News asked all six candidates in the Fisher electorate to tell readers who they are and why they want to be a politician. We also asked the candidates to identify one significant issue facing Fisher and what they propose to do about it. Next edition: The Big Pitch

TONY Moore lives on the Sunshine Coast in the seat of Fisher with his wife of 26 years and their four children. Tony, a business owner of 30 years, has been engaged in politics for more than a decade.

Tony is a diverse, multi-disciplined and highly experienced professional who holds qualifications in Behavioural Science (Psychology), Child Protection, community engagement and intervention, and Legal Studies, as well as holding a Master of Business and Administration (MBA) and a Master of Politics and Public Policy (MPPP).

He is politically experienced, a candidate in the seat of Buderim, Nicklin, the Senate and Fisher and in his spare time acts for the community’s best interests on issues of significance, social concerns or assists individuals facing injustice or unfair dealing.

He believes that politics is the interface between the people and their future, one in which the people will either flourish, are favoured and free; or frustrated, failed, discriminated against and locked out of society.

Tony adds that this future is determined often without the people’s genuine authority, input or voice, “the people are kept silent, intentionally railroaded and disenfranchised by the so-called ‘2-party preferred’ duopoly so-to maintain their own power, controls, financial flows and rule over us”.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the most significant issue for Tony facing Fisher is a lack of true representation, courage and that of a real voice for the people of Fisher from our elected member(s) in parliament.

Tony says, “it’s rather insulting to us all, to have to listen to the same old promises dragged out every election for the last 20 years, by Slipper, Brough and Wallace and polished up and made to like an achievement, or advancement in their do-nothing machinery. To be frank, if the promises were more than just to get voters, any one of the last twenty years they could have ‘delivered’ rail to the Sunshine Coast; as well as better internet services to the Blackall Range and better human services and supports for the homeless, and those suffering in our communities. But here we are again.”

So now the people of Fisher have a fresh opportunity this election for change and to escape from the last twenty years. You can do this by changing the how you vote and take back your sovereignty and rebuke their abuses of power – to set us free from Liberal and Labor – and unite Australia as one.

*Candidates will be published in alphabetical order