Fight for Fisher – Tony Moore, United Australia Party

Fisher candidates deliver their ‘Big Pitch’ to the electorate

Why should voters elect you?

Because the people you voted for last time, the time before, and the time before that – are shepherds that have fed only themselves, flicking crumbs from their table for us to eat, taking credit for work that was not theirs alone, and making us think that they did this for you. I don’t work like that.

I last ran as a candidate in the seat of Fisher in 2013, because of the rubbish job they were doing then. Almost a decade on, I’m back to claim the seat and do the job that you deserve.

We don’t need a Speaker of the House’. What we need is a true representative of the people with the courage and sole focus to be the speaker of the people of Fisher.

What difference will you make to the community?

The difference is rather clear really. I am grounded as a tradie, but also have many degrees and masters in politics and public policy, business, legal studies, child protection, community engagement and intervention; that, over the last 11 years in politics, has become a formidable sword and shield for our vulnerable and those that our Federal and State members failed to be able to help.

I also have 30 years real-world business experience; three decades experience in music, the arts and performing arts; and yet I’m not deceived by the rhetoric of major political party nepotism and their do-nothing monotony of always promising but rarely delivering.

Over the decades, the two majors have expertised politics to keep the people, churches and our community leaders out of their way. They listen only to wealth lobby groups and favour their will. It’s just not the way.

In the first 100 days as your elected Member for Fisher, I will meet with key stakeholders who are you, the people of Fisher; we are the heart and soul, hands and feet of our community.

I’ll also meet with key service-delivery personnel, such as ambos, nurses, fireys, the police, and faith and community groups who are the healers, protectors and builders of our people. Then I’ll meet with Sunshine Coast Council and State Government to feed back what the people of Fisher have identified,  and then fiercely act for you to resource our shared vision and future.

As your future Member for Fisher, I’ve worked in fisher, at the pointy end of society in child protection, with the homeless, the jobless, the broken, beaten mothers and abused children, the weak and those that others’ take advantage of, or discriminate against.

I’m a God-fearing man, people-focused, community-focused and believe in the sovereignty of the people. I’m not a lip-servant to the current duopolistic tyranny of the major parties colluding and blocking out all opposition to their power and will.

So if you want to see what community in unity can really look like, then change the way you vote this election and vote 1 for me.

Oh! And we can actually build that train line that none of them have been able to do in 25-years of promising – it’s called working with people for the benefit of the community.