Fight for Fisher – Vickie Breckenridge, Animal Justice Party

Fisher candidates deliver their ‘Big Pitch’ to the electorate

THE issues I am addressing today are not local issues as such, but ones that affect the whole planet. Change has to start somewhere so the Animal Justice Party (AJP) policies will help and educate others.

Some of our key commitments are as follows:
•  declare a climate emergency;
•  stop land clearing;
•  ban live exports;
•  save our precious Australian wildlife.

The AJP will prioritise urgent action to address climate change. Australia is experiencing changes in temperature, rainfall, catastrophic bushfires, record flooding and witnessing rising sea levels. The AJP is the only political party willing to stand up against all causes of climate change and by declaring a climate emergency will be the first step. The AJP will fight to sign Australia up to the 30% methane emissions reduction by 2030 target, as over 100 other countries have done, and commit to net-zero emissions by 2035.

The AJP will reduce Australia’s climate and ecological impact by rapidly phasing out fossil fuels and animal agriculture. We will take the lead in investing in farming communities, to transition towards plant-based farming enterprises that are healthier for animals, people, and the planet.  We will introduce legislation to remove subsidies on industries that damage our climate, and instead we seek to invest our nation’s wealth in sustainable food systems and clean energy solutions. The Animal Justice Party will stand up for our planet.

The impacts of deforestation and land clearing extend far beyond wildlife. The destruction of trees causes carbon emissions, accelerates soil loss, pollutes streams and rivers, harms human health and wellbeing, and reduces soil fertility and farm productivity for generations to come. We need new laws that allow nature to thrive by encouraging and financially rewarding landholders to protect and restore native vegetation.

Each year three million live animals from Australia are shipped around the world by sea or air and we are advocating for an immediate ban. The animals are subjected to unspeakable conditions and are exposed to extreme weather, heat stress, overcrowding, disease, and appalling handling and slaughter practices at their point of destination. For years, Australians have been voicing their opposition to Live Animal Exports, but governments aren’t listening. This election, we need to remind the LNP and the Labor Party that we cannot continue to allow animals to be treated in such a horrendous way.

The best way to protect wildlife is to protect their habitat. The government has now officially listed koalas as an endangered species in QLD, NSW, and the ACT. Without stronger protection, koala populations along our east coast are heading towards extinction, mainly because an average 100,000 trees are bulldozed across Australia each day.  They face threats from deadly disease and climate disasters. Their populations are still recovering from the devastating 2019/20 bushfires, when almost three billion animals perished, including more than 61,000 koalas.

The AJP is the only political party dedicated to ending the suffering of animals.

Vote 1 #Animal Justice Party.

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F: Vickie Breckenridge – Animal Justice Party for Fisher