Final days loom for historic tree

By Jack Waters

The old tree fig tree overlooking Glasshouse State School on Coonowrin Road could be in the final few days of it’s long life, with Sunshine Coast Council set to make a decision on its future next Tuesday in wake of a new housing development in the area.

Concerned resident and Glass House Mountains local Calani Payton has created a petition opposing the removal of the tree which has already acquired 170 signatures.

Calani said she has been told by Sunshine Coast Council that the tree can be saved if she presents enough signatures as well as testimonials as to why the tree is important.

“There has been a lot of housing development around our Glass House Mountains recently, new estates are appearing around every corner and while we welcome new neighbours, we do not welcome the loss of one,” she said.

“The fig tree protects biodiversity, allowing all kinds of Australian fauna to call it home and a year-round food source. The possums living in our roof travel up this tree nightly, birds flutter in and out constantly, and this visual buffer from heat has sheltered school children for a very long time.

“The council has yet to approve the removal of the tree, let’s aim to persuade them otherwise,” Calani said.

The petition can be signed by clicking here: