Performances soar at The Night Parrot

Audiences were treated to a special performance of The Night Parrot on Friday, June 17 at the Maleny Community Centre. The Sirin vocal ensemble wowed with their avian-themed set before soprano Morgan England-Jones and the Acacia Quartet performed The Night Parrot. Composed by Jessica Wells, The Night Parrot traces the amazing story of a bird that was thought to be extinct for over a century, but was found by intrepid researchers two years ago deep in the Australian Outback. The performance was the second in the Maleny Art Centre’s Winter series, with The Year of Magical Thinking showing on July 12.

Lyn Bradley, Auntie Helena Gulash and Simon Wood.
Peter Lavery, Alan Boyne, Marlena and Peter Collins, Jacqueline Hamilton-Lavery
Sirin vocal ensemble
Jennifer and Kevin Radbourne
Val France, Mitch Gaynor, Tracy McDowall and Barb Jones.