General store transformation

EUDLO General Store has serviced the local community since 1925 and in recent months the old building has been redeveloped with a modern twist.

After undergoing a massive makeover, it will reopen its doors in late November providing essential general store services including locally sourced produce, freshly baked goods, ice, swap-and-go gas, firewood and hay.

The team behind the redevelopment are renowned local restauranteur Tony Kelly, owner of a number of hospitality venues including Rice Boi at Mooloolaba and Market Bistro at Maroochydore, his business partner Dirk Long and hospitality industry stalwart Luke Stringer.

Tony said he was really excited by the new venue as he loved Eudlo. He said Dirk was a former resident of the town who had always had his eye on redeveloping the building.

They are keen to see Eudlo General Store continue to be an essential meeting place for people to catch up, buy some essentials and become famous for great coffee and beautiful house-made pies.

Dirk said the second stage of the redevelopment would include a curated outdoor dining area featuring a large rotisserie and wood-fired pizza oven, which was due to open in early 2022.

“We are aiming to have the outdoor area open from Friday to Sunday night. It will be ideal for families and friends to get together for some wood-fired pizza or a slice or two from the pig on the spit over a cold beer while listening to live music,” Dirk said.

Eudlo General Store will have an ever-changing breakfast and lunch menu including daily baked treats and will be open seven days a week from 7am-5pm.

The business expects to employ up to 18 locals both full and part time when it is fully reopened.