Glasshouse Country Chamber update

What a privilege it is to be able to provide the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce’s contribution in May, being Small Business Month.  Small Business Month should be seen as a celebration to all our business owners.

We see the challenges, the toil and the sleepless nights that come with being a small business owner. We hope that the triumphs are also celebrated and the month might be a time for our business owners to reflect with pride on the great contribution they make to the community.

We have such a diverse business community in the local area and I am always thrilled when the Chamber can play a role as the meeting spot for collaboration and support across different industry groups.

Our Business after Hours event on the last Thursday of the last month showed me just how willing our business community is to collaborate and support each other.

Speaking of which, we are using May to connect with and support our shopfronts. If you are a shopfront owner you might get a visit from our Chamber volunteers as we are conducting a dedicated Shopfront Business Survey.

We want to know what you see as the big issues for your business so PLEASE take the 5 minute survey or find the QR survey code on page 7 to have your say!

Finally, financial year end is also tax planning time! Be mindful that the government is still offering attractive tax breaks for the purchase of business assets but I caution businesses to consider long term cash flow when making major year-end purchases.

Look for opportunities to invest in your business with assets that might support growth and profitability, not just for the tax break alone!