Glasshouse cricket club’s proud community award

By Kirra Livingstone

GLASSHOUSE Districts Cricket Club have been crowned Queensland’s Community Cricket Club of the Year thanks to impressive on and off field programs across the hinterland.

President of the Club Jeremy Schultz said he felt grateful for the title, saying the club had worked extremely hard to strengthen its programs and community presence.

“It feels like a very good reward to be honest for our club … and to be acknowledged is really nice,” he said.

“We have worked really hard on providing a complete pathway for our cricketers, males and females from under seven right through to however old you want to be to play cricket.

“We seem to do that quite well, for our juniors we provide free development coaching which is all paid for by sponsors and fundraising.”

The club is not just a cricket club, with the Glasshouse Districts having annual campaigns for men’s and women’s health, as well as a Reconciliation Day.

“We do a lot of stuff that’s not cricket related that is important stuff,” he said.

“The community gets involved in [these events], we offer a lot more than a cricket club.”

Their teams’ results also contributed to their club of the year title as well.

The under 15’s side won the competition, two of the men’s teams competed in their semi-finals, whereas the other two lost in their grand finals, and the two women’s teams came first and second.

Jeremy was particularly proud of the women’s teams.

“I think our biggest successors for the year… is probably the development of our women’s teams, we barely made up one team last year, to this year having more than enough for two teams,” he said.