Glasshouse social touch is back for winter

By Kirra Livingstone

THE GLASSHOUSE District winter touch competition is in it’s second round of the season and is set to have 12 social open aged teams compete across 23 rounds.

President of the Glasshouse District Touch Association Rob Young said there’s a huge importance of local sport for the community, especially sports of a more social nature.

“We’re looking for those players that just want to have a run around… it’s all about having fun and staying fit.” he said.

Although they have been struggling with referees and volunteers especially due to other codes such as the local rugby league in the area.

This has taken players and volunteers numbers away from their more social competition, although in summer they tend to have more resources when rugby isn’t on.

“It’s kind of hard to compete with, with the Bulldogs in that aspect,” he said.

“We’ve got 12 teams this season, which is what we had for summer as well.

“But 12 teams is great, a lot more than what we had anticipated coming back from COVID.”

As for the range of players they have in their 14 player per team quota, there’s many ages and a great opportunity for women to compete too.

“Our youngest player this season is 14 and our oldest has been a part of the club since it started, I think turns 57 this year,” he said.

“Whether you’ve played before or not, especially female players, they tend to shy away from mixed touch football because they often in the past have been left out.

“But that’s not the case with our club… because they wouldn’t be able to play if it wasn’t for the support of our female players as well.”

Games are on every Monday night from 6:30pm if you want to help out the club, or go and support the local touch teams.