Glenview water park works to begin

IN a twist of synchronicity, the long awaited and much talked about Glenview water park has lodged an operational works permit application with Sunshine Coast Council in the same week that the Glass House wave pool proposal advances to the community consultation stage.

Planning consultants for Sanad Capital lodged the Glenview infrastructure plans with the council this week, seeking approval to start the groundworks for the Steve Irwin Way tourism resort (called Invigorate) and water park stage (called Actventure).

This stage does not include the proposed wave pool concept (called Endless Surf), which is planned as a separate stage sometime in the future.

The works permit application sets out the plans for road works, drainage works, landscaping, stormwater, earthworks and clearing vegetation.

Under the plans, the existing water channels and wetlands are to be excavated and enlarged to form a massive waterbody as a central feature for the entire development.

The fill removed will be used to build up other areas to allow for the construction of carparking, the resort and water theme park areas and the future wave pool zone, ensuring they are above expected flood levels.

In a totally unconnected development, work has begun on the construction of a house fronting Steve Irwin Way adjacent to the water park site. This block is not connected to the Sanad Capital development and is privately owned.

Image: Plan showing layout of the resort and water park (note wave pool planned for light green area at right hand side of image)